It is better to be the head of a small chicken than the tail of a large ox

I recently started watching the NETFLIX show Street Food, have you heard of it? It’s produced impeccably well with great story telling, high quality cinematography and powerful inspiration. The food is just a plus!

There was a Japanese Man from osaka who stated a famous East Asia saying

It is better to be the head of a small chicken than the tail of a large ox

In other words, it is better to run your own show than be a part of someone else's. This really resonates with me. From a young age, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I was not bred to live someone else’s dreams. This idea is not new to me, but it did spark some inspiration because it reminded me that the life I live now, although simple, is an amazing blessing. This world pushes for competition and to make a lot of money. If you’re not going on fancy vacations or driving nice cars, are you really that successful?

Well, Success to me is freedom. Freedom to only work 3 days a week. Freedom to call the shots on what my Studio looks like. Freedom to choose what services I offer, or what products I share with others. Freedom to take time off work whenever I want. Freedom to choose whether or not I have employees or keep it simple. I may not make a lot of money, I am actually trying to pay off debt right now, but I’m content with the life I’ve been given. I have worked very hard and I’m coming up to my 10th year in business. THAT IS SUCCESS TO ME.

This made me think that maybe I have some advice to give others. I truly love helping other people be successful in their businesses. I enjoy sharing tips and tricks that have helped me over the years and hearing that someone else has put my advice into practice and they have had small wins, that is an amazing feeling! So this might lead to a new chapter. Mentoring. It’s just a thought right now, but the ideas are flowing in and I’m getting excited for the future. Stay tuned to hear more from this little chicken head!



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