Microblading! - Posted August 30, 2016

wow I have not written a blog post in months! A lot has happened since April…we moved, both the business and our personal life, stopped doing furniture because of the move and I trained for an all new service! If you follow me on my social pages (which you should considering my posts are months apart :0) you may already know, but I’ve expanded Studio Femme and now offer MICROBLADING HDI 3D BROWS!!!

I’ve been searching for something to balance my time out from lashes being so hard on my body for almost 4 years now. Many have been with me in my journey trying out things…body wraps, furniture refinishing, selling beauty products, etc. and I soooo appreciate you being with me and supporting me along the way. I’m super picky with what I do and it’s taken me so long to finally find something I enjoy as much as lashes and Microblading is it! My cousin Alaina started doing it earlier this year with her business Brows & Blush Co. (check her work out on instagram, she’s awesome!) and I immediately felt inspired and curious. With her advice and encouragement, a lot of thinking and praying, I booked my course. I’m so incredibly thankful for Alaina’s suggestion on which course to take because the training I received was intense, in-depth, professional and hardcore! So. worth. it.

While I was in Edmonton training, I also took the opportunity to have my own brows done by Alaina so I know what my clients will be experiencing. I will share my experience in a future post, once my eyebrows have fully healed and I’ve gone for my second session. BTW I love it so far ;)

I’m currently finishing my practicum, offering this service at a fraction of the price to my first 15 models. I’m fully booked until the end of September! Model spots have been filled, but I will be offering Microblading to Abbotsford and the rest of Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Fall 2016. If you’re curious what it’s all about, head on over to the brows page on my website!