In the News // Microblading and Your Health

If you are up to date with news then you may have seen the article or heard on CTV about the concern over Microblading and your health.

Absolutely you should be taking the decision seriously and do your research on your brow technician. I’ve seen this before being in the lash industry for over 6 years. Popularity of the service brings out uncertified techs and courses being taught by people who are not properly trained to teach and certify people!

The article highlighted Home-Based businesses, which to me is a bit biased. I ran a regularly inspected home based business which was just as clean and sterile, if not more than many commercial spaces. So I would take that advice with a grain of salt. If the brow technician you are looking at trusting with your face has a Certificate from a reputable Training Facility and has a business licence, you are probably in the clear. Better yet, ask to see their studio and how they are set up before committing to your Microblading appointment.

This is not a frivolous beauty service. You get what you pay for. DO NOT do a groupon or Craigslist offer. A company may offer a special promo if the technician is new, and this is your discretion if you wish to be brave and help someone learn. I greatly appreciated my first clients. But, this is your face being cut and can cause harm if not done properly. Take it seriously!

I did my research before taking the leap in this industry as it is extremely important to me that you gals get the best professional and healthy service possible. Be assured that I have been trained in a very intense 4 day course by the well established Lash Forever with 4 models inclass, as well as 14 models outside of class before being CERTIFIED as an HDI Embroidery Brow Technician; properly trained in safety and sanitation. Studio Femme has held an Abbotsford business Licence for the last 6 years and follow all Fraser Valley Health Regulations. #useyourbrain #besmart #studiofemme