In the Elements // Fresh + Beautiful

While the men are away, the women will play…with machetes and hatchets!


You don’t have to be a girly girl or makeup obsessed to want or have eyelash extensions and permanent brows. Although I like to get dolled up from time to time, I actually don’t wear a lot of makeup everyday. As an active chick (at least I try to be) I truly love having these the most when I’m out in the wild.

I grew up with 4 brothers and as a result, I’m a tomboy at heart! Dirtbiking, snowboarding, hiking, camping and fishing are activities I love and try to do as often as I can. Which gets harder as an adult! Adulting sucks haha

When I’m in the elements, unforgiving and raw, having lashes and brows adds that bit of femininity and I feel completely comfortable in my own skin. Not that this is a necessity, but boy does it make life grand!

I don’t even need to mention that extra bit of sleep I get in the “oh so hard to get up” mornings. Running off to the Studio without worrying what I look like (too much) makes life soooo much easier. We went on a hiking/camping trip November long weekend, and for the ride home I brought a small makeup case with my essentials, just in case we decided to go somewhere. I forgot this in my friends car, so I had to go completely sans makeup the next day! In my pre-lash days this would have been horrifying. But it was a total breeze, having my lashes and brows ready to go!

These are my reasons for having eyelash extensions and eyebrows microbladed. What are yours?

Some photos of our recent hike and camp