Beauty Basics with NOVALASH Eyelash Extensions

A super common question I get as a Lash Artist…Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

The Answer is YES!! While it takes a little practice and getting used to working with that extra length, makeup will turn you into a smoking hot bombshell with lashes for daayyyyzzz

The next common question is what do you suggest for Beauty Products?

While most lash adhesives require you to stay away from oils, NOVALASH adhesive is OIL-RESISTANT and highly durable! So you don’t have to worry about products so much, which is totally rad and way less stressful. I was walking through Shoppers Drugmart with my hubby yesterday and he couldn’t help but say “the Beauty Industry is insane, there is SO MUCH to choose from” and it’s absolutely true. TOO much to choose from, so I totally get why people ask me, what should I use with my lashes??

To help in the process, I’m sharing what I use on my face. This won’t be a one size fits all because everyone’s skin is different and we all have our preferences. Some of these products I’ve used for YEARS, literally like 15 years, so they are tried, tested and true. Another bonus is that a lot of the things I use (or have used) are from drugstores, so they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So here’s my list of basic beauty products for Eyelash Extensions…


  1. FACE WASH || this is a biggie. I still have not found my “perfect” face wash, but I’ll tell you I’ve been pretty happy with a few. I personally don’t like to use a makeup remover, I like having a face wash that does that. It also has to sud up and not dry out my skin. I have normal/dry skin, so I’m going to share 2 face washes. The one I’m using at the moment is OLEHENRIKSEN African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, just revamped to be The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser. You can get this from Sephora for $38. This is a more pricey option, but still reasonable since it lasts a long time.  The only downside…if you have Microblading done, this contains oils and is anti-aging, 2 things you should avoid on your brows. Other than that, it’s a great cleanser! IF you have NOVALASH eyelash extensions. If you do not, this cleanser will break down the adhesive and your lashes will fall off prematurely.


The Clean Truth™ Foaming Cleanser is a thick, frothy cleansing foam that creates a rich lather to gently remove makeup, oil, and impurities without stripping skin of essential moisture. This uplifting, antioxidant-rich face wash—with African red tea extract and vitamin C—indulges the senses and rinses clean as it refreshes the complexion to reveal soft, supple skin and a healthy-looking Ole Glow™.

A Drug Store Option: Cetaphil ($12.49 at London Drugs)

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a mild, soap-free formula that cleanses without irritation.  It protects the skin’s natural protective oils and natural pH to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin as it cleans. Gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin or as a makeup remover. Recommended by dermatologists for over 65 years. It is oil-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. Mild cleansing for all skin types.



2. FOUNDATION || I have used the same foundation for 15 years and so I highly recommend REVLON COLORSTAY Foundation. 24 hrs wear, SPF 20, lots of shades and you can get it for different skin types. I use the Normal/Dry in the Shade 200 Nude. It’s less than $20 and you can get it at Walmart or most drug stores. I’m pretty simple with my makeup, I use this mostly as a concealer just to even out my skin tone. It has Longwearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. With Time Release Technology, this oil-free, moisture-balance formula is especially formulated for normal or dry skin to continuously provide hydration. Satin finish / 8 longwearing shades / Buildable to full coverage. I just love it! Can’t recommend this enough.




3. EYELINER || Liquid eyeliner is probably the hardest thing to do with lashes and takes practice. A definite NO for eyelash extensions is a gel eyeliner. Gel is harder to wash off and it gets stuck in with the extensions and creates a big mess. You’ll want a liner that is water-soluble so it can wash off easily, I have 2 recommendations.

MAYBELLINE LINE STILETTO ULTIMATE PRECISION LIQUID EYELINER $10 at most drug stores. This flexible felt-tip liquid eyeliner glides on smooth for precise control. Rich colour lasts all day. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Blackest Black baby!


SEPHORA FINE LINE $18 This waterproof eyeliner features an extremely fine felt tip—less than one millimeter wide—that allows you to draw super precise, thin lines with ease. Made with an intense black, waterproof formula, it gives your eyes subtle detail that is long lasting without smudging, running, or smearing so you can use face mist, brave high humidity, or jump in a pool without fear. While this is a waterproof liquid liner, it washes off with OLEHENRIKSEN face wash.


4. MASCARA || I have this last because with lashes…YOU DON’T NEED IT!! For some lash drama queens, however, they just can’t live without an option for those nights out or just before your next lash fill. SO my honest opinion is NOVALASH has a great mascara formulated for eyelash extensions. I’m not big on selling products for the sake of brand name or because I am a NOVALASH artist. I actually really like this mascara and I would use it if I didn’t have eyelash extensions. I personally don’t wear Mascara because I can wait it out between fills. But here is an excellent choice and you can purchase it at my Studio! $28  I hope this simple list helps you in your search for Beauty Products with Eyelash Extensions!