Posted September 25, 2012: Femme's Beauty Review on Make up Forever Aqua Rouge Lip

First may I start off by saying I love the classic red lip and have tried many different kinds of red lipsticks and having a lasting, kissable red pout is hard to come by. But I've finally found the WINNER!!!! I am a HUGE fan of Make Up For Ever products, I already use their matte bronze, concealer and waterproof lip liner…not to mention their FANTASTIC strip lashes….the BEST!!! (when I don't have eyelash extensions of course ;) So when I saw the Aqua Rouge Lip Color I got super excited!!! I knew their high quality, lasting product reputation would definitely live up to expectations.

I currently wear the Aqua Lip Liner in 8C and I love it. I got it for my wedding two years ago and I always have it in constant supply. It was perfect for lasting, although I didn't have the lipstick to go with it, so the liner lasted, the lipstick still transferred for our magic kiss :( and so the search continued…




The Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color comes in several different colors, including the matching red to my lip liner, No. 8



Each comes with double ends: the color as well as a clear coat. The color goes on matte with it's high pigment loveliness, which you can keep matte. Or you add the clear gloss coat for a shiny finish. I find keeping it matte tends to be a little sticky dry so I like to put the clear gloss coat on. Now the big question….DOES IT LAST??


I did my own little experiment. I rocked the red lip through the entire day…went to see my brother blues it out with his band THE BLACKSTONE at a local bar, drank beer, ate pizza (yes I have a very healthy diet…I was on holidays ha!) I also kept it on throughout the night while I slept! The next morning? Yeah…it was still on!! WOWZAS I love it!! Still I had one last test…the kiss. My favorite part. I anxiously waited at the airport in Abbotsford after my flight home and along came my wonderful prince charming, my love, my husband….KISS! …………….It didn't transfer!!!!!

The verdict? 10/10 duh!


Best. Lip Color. Ever! It's

Make Up For Ever