The time has come to make some necessary changes to the Lash Spa. As you may or may not know, I struggle with chronic neck and shoulder pain that is affected highly by doing eyelash extensions. Unofficially (not diagnosed by a Doctor, but confirmed by Registered Massage Therapists) I have what is termed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). It’s basically tightness in my peck muscles and overworked shoulders and neck, causing acute pain and immobility. It’s caused from repetitive movements and compressed posture. I’ve been fighting this for a few years now…getting regular massages, stretching, shoulder rehab through personal training and limiting my hours with lashes. These measures have helped greatly and have kept me able to work moderately, although I have my bad days.

To get to the point…in the last couple of weeks it has been the worst it’s ever been. I had to cancel a full week’s worth of appointments and I’m still not fully recovered. The solution really, is to stop doing eyelash extensions. Which obviously I DON’T WANT TO DO!!! I don’t have much of a choice, but I’m going to try one last compromise. I will be limiting my hours again. This will affect some of you, meaning you will need to find another lash artist. I’m sorry to see some of you go, but my health is of utmost importance. If this does not alleviate the situation, I will have to stop my dream career and move on to something else :(

I truly appreciate your loyalty and your business over the last (almost) 5 years! I love what I do and don’t want to give up quite yet, so here’s my immediate solution…

 I’ve decided I will still be available 3 days a week, but it will be shorter days. Spa Hours will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am to 2:30pm. I will also no longer be offering the 2 week appointment option (30 Minute Fill). This allows more ladies to get their lashes done each month. I know this will be hard for some…but suck it up princess lol (I’m a 2 weeker so I know your pain! But it IS possible to hold out another week or two :p) The recommended time between fills is 3-4 weeks and I will hold to that.


The most obvious answer are those who need afternoon or evening appointments. My last appointment of the day will be at 1:30pm. If your schedule does not allow this, you will have to find another lash artist. Let me know if you would like a recommendation. I know some lovely ladies who I trust will do a good job.


Immediately for all appointment changes and pre-booking. August 1st will be the official start date for new hours.

For the rest of July, I will not be taking any new clients on and appointment changes will be limited. Most have already made their appointments for July which I will fulfill to my best ability. There may be days that I simply cannot do lashes physically so I apologize in advance if it comes to that.

I superly appreciate your patience and understanding. For those who I can no longer lashify, I’m so thankful for your business and I hope for the best in your lash endeavors! Please follow my posts on Instagram and Facebook and maybe in the future, I’ll be able to accommodate you again in some capacity. To those who will be loyally sticking by my side, I feel blessed to have you as clients and am grateful for your continued support.

Much lash love!